Wonderful 1995

Govindjee govindje at ARIES.SCS.UIUC.EDU
Tue Dec 27 12:02:45 EST 1994

	It is indeed my pleasure to send all photosynthesizers my 
personal greetings for the 1995. I wish everyone laughter, humor, 
pleasure, peace, lots of research grants, wonderful new discoveries, 
friendship and well-focussed photographs of your dear ones during the 
holiday season.

	I also would like you to celebrate, in your hearts, the 90th 
birthday of our dear friend William Archibald Arnold. Bill was born in 
Douglas,Wyoming on December 6, 1904. His first two papers with Robert 
Emerson in 1932 were recently honored by Jack Myers in Photosynthesis 
Research.They laid the foundation of the "photosynthetic unit" concept. 
Bill is the discoverer of "delayed light emission", "thermoluminescence", 
and "electro-luminescence" in photosynthetic systems, among many other 
things. Bill believes in writing only discovery papers and that too in as 
few words as possible. His shortest sentence is "It is." He told me that 
the scientists should be made to write on stone, not on paper (now, we 
will have to say PC's or Mac's or whatever). I guess I am not listning to 
Bill in sending you this note honoring his 90th birthday.
	Bill lives in Oak Ridge,Tenn, I think.
Anyone desirous of honoring Bill in any other way may contact me in 1995.

Fax: 217-337-6196
E-mail: Govindje at aries.scs.uiuc.edu

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