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Sat Feb 12 22:20:12 EST 1994

Hi!  I am a student currently studying biology.  I am interested in
photosynthesis and specifically in photoperiodism, the way plants
"measure" the amount of light and darkness.

I believe this is important to study because many plant breeding
techniques could be improved if this concept is understood furthur and it
is more possible to "learn" what kind of lighting timetable plants grow
best in.

I would appreciate contact by anyone currently doing research in this
field, any results of recent studies done, or any other knowledge about
it.  I do not know much about photoperiodism currently, so anything would
be helpful.  I do not currently have access to any labs doing studies (I
am still in high school) or much access to information on the topic.

Thank you,

Rahul Biswas
High School student at Lexington High (MA)

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