post-doc position available

Tue Feb 15 10:57:59 EST 1994

Postdoctoral Position to study translational regulation in plants
Department of Biological Sciences, SUNY-Buffalo	

	A postdoctoral position is available immediately to investigate the
translational regulation of genes encoding ribulose 1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase
(RuBPCase) during light-induced plant development in amaranth seedlings.
Previous work has demonstrated that light controls the expression of
plastid-encoded large subunit (LSU) and nuclear-encoded small subunit (SSU)
genes of RuBPCase at two translational levels, initiation and elongation (Berry
et al., Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA 85:4190 - 4194, 1989; Plant Cell 2:795 - 803,
1990).  The successful candidate will participate in an investigation to
characterize factors and mechanisms involved in this regulation.  Previous
experience with techniques involved in ribosome analysis, RNA -protein
interactions, or in vitro translation systems, would be desirable.  Previous
experience with plant systems would also be desirable, but is not required.
Interested parties should send their curriculum vitae and three letters of
reference to:  James O. Berry, Department of Biological Sciences, SUNY-Buffalo,
Buffalo, NY  14260.  

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