Jonathan B. Marder MARDER at agri.huji.ac.il
Wed Feb 16 04:45:39 EST 1994

runsun at bilbo.bio.purdue.edu (Run-Sun Pan) writes:-
>I have an access to the news group bionet.photosynthesis, and I have
>seen several news talking about subscription and unsubscriptoin. I
>don't know what are they. Are you talking about another email channel
>other than bionet.photosynthesis?
There is a gateway into all the bionet groups allowing individuals to post
and receive from the newsgroups via email.  This is supported for those who
lack or dislike using news.

>For people like me (can read news
>from bionet), should we subscribe to know more discussion on PS? A
>short reply is appreciated.

Definitely not!!!  You don't need it

However, you should consider registering yourself in PHOTOSYN.NICELIST which
is an email directory of Photosynthesis Researchers.  Write to
PSRES at asuchm.la.asu.edu (Larry Orr) with the following information:-
  EMAIL Address:
  Frequency with which you check your mailbox: (daily, weekly etc.)
  State if your mailbox is shared or insecure:
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