Anyone can suggest a topic about plant biochem.?

h9290199 at h9290199 at
Wed Feb 16 06:47:59 EST 1994

Hello!! I am a postgraduate who study in the University of Hong Kong and my
research work on the neuroscience. Despite my interest is in the nervous
tissues, I also have keen interest in the plant physiology because I studied
the applied biology in my undergraduate school years... I would like to ask
anyone can explain clearly to me: 'what is plant biochemistry?' Is it the
study on the biochemical pathways on photosynthesis, photorespiration, C3 or
C4 plants, GABA... etc....?
Maybe you think it is a stupid question but being as a layman in this field, I
am eager to learn more about the plant biochemistry.
On the other hand, did anyone/expert(s) can suggest a topic related to plant
biochemistry to me?
Besides, did the plant biochemistry include those studies on plant hormones,
tropisms, photoperiodism, juvenility and resurrence (spelling?)....?
Anyway and anyhow, I am looking forwards to hearing your precious advice and
Layman but have keen interests in plant biochemistry,
Quote: Being as a scientist, you should know more about your surrounding
environment (in order to broaden your mind; otherwise you are layman in all the
fields except the one in which you claimed yourself as specialist!).

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