Help needed/urgent

Mon Feb 21 23:09:17 EST 1994

Dear colleagues:
I would appreciate it very much if someone can provide me with a 
reference of a simple method in which photosynthesis of a Elodea branch
is measured by the oxygen bubbles released upon illumination.I need 
details.I remember it well doing this experiment in a class in  plant
physiology in 1952 in India, but I donot remember the detailed recipe
except that the name Winkler method has stuck in my mind. I also 
remember that I had a lot of fun with it. Perhaps, you know where I
can find the full description. Does anyone have the description of the
glassware used ? the Winkler apparatus? Where is it available?
We can either purchase it or build it with full details. This is needed
for teaching.

There is another question.I have been trying to see if I can demonstrate
chlorophyll fluorescence of leaves (perhaps, with or without DCMU or
atrazine) visually to students without the use of sophisticated 
instruments. I remember seeing it myself once (perhaps, it was
Dr. Don Miles who showed it--I am not so sure). I have tried it myself
recently with UV light excitation of light-colored Coleus leaf, but
did not see much to convince me. I also tried excitation with blue
light (free of red light), but did not see it.We are told that H.Kautsky
observed it with his eyes in a dark-adapted room. If anyone has
any experience on this problem, I would appreciate hearing.
In return of the above help, I will be delighted to send you any lab.
description I produce if you will please give me your address.

Professor of Plant Biology
Fax: 217-244-7246
Fax#2: 217-337-6196

Thanks for your help.

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