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|> What you want is "PHOTOSYN.NICELIST" - the formatted email address list
|> maintained by Larry Orr.  This file can be had by anonymous FTP from node
|> in directory /pub/BIOSCI/PHOTOSYNTHESIS
|> Alternatively, you can use gopher (again to to retrieve the file.
|> For those with only email access to the Internet, no automatic procedure
|> currently works.  You can request a copy from Larry Orr
|> <PSRES at>.

or send email to 
test-list at
with the text

(no subject needed)

this is an experimental service, mainly for accessing hypertext documents.

kind regards,
fuellen at Mathematik.Uni-Bielefeld.DE
fuellen at MIT.EDU
The convex hull of all disclaimers made on usenet last year applies to this mess

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