E-mail addresses:Govindjee

Tue Nov 8 01:24:28 EST 1994

This is to inform all those who send me mail that I am switching my
address from : GOVINDJEE at c.scs.uiuc.edu to: GOVINDJE at aries.scs.uiuc.edu
However,I would prefer that you use my simplest address:GOV at UIUC.EDU
This last simple address will be automatically connected to the account
I use most frequently.That will not change.
	Further, if there is an enclosure in your mail, I can read it
autiomatically on another address: GOVINDJEE at powershare.life.uiuc.edu
Please note that the "aries.scs" address that will soon replace the
"c.scs" address I am using now has one major difference in my name:
it has one less "E" at the end.
Thanks for your patience with my addresses;these changes are being
instituted to speed up our system.

Fax: 217-244-7246 (reasonably new fax number)
Home fax: 217-337-6196

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