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>Dear Friends,
>I am teaching Advanced Placement Biology at Irvington HS, Irvington, NY. 
>One of my students wanted at least a ball park figure as to the number or
>distribution of the CF1 particles in a "typical" plant chloroplast
>thylakoid.  An algal response will be more than satisfactory.
Quantities of CF1 for Spinach thylakoids cluster around 1 to 1.2 nmole per mg
chlorophyll.  Other reference numbers: there is about 0.05 mg chl per cm^2
of leaf, about 10 to 12 mg protein per mg chl (approx half of this is
Rubisco), and about 25 uL of stroma volume per mg chl.  
As for distribution, I believe most to all of the CF1 is located on the
stroma lamellae (the nonappressed regions) because of the physical
attributes of CF1.  A recent TIBS has a wonderful (short) article on just
what CF1 looks like and contains a reasonable (but not certain) mechanism.
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