tree photosynthesis and flooding

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I have been working in Central Amazonian floodplain forests for two years,
with the purpose to find out how the trees which get flooded up to 8 meters
every year for up to 8 months react to flooding.

I have collected data on photosynthetic activity (IRGA), leaf chlorophyll
and nutrient content, leaf area, etc. I did not work with roots.

One very remarkable thing was that in all 6 tree species studied, flooding
caused the reduction of activity and growth of the trees in the first weeks
to months, but all species (deciduous and non) flushed new leaves before the
end of flooding, and with this all activities rose again (higher Amax,
higher chlorophyll content, etc.) before the trees returned to what we
supposed were optimum non-flooded conditions.

One special question to which I did not find any recent or classic
references yet is:

How is photosynthesic activity linked to leaf age? (I ask this because I
want to know if photosynthetic activity is reduced due to flooding or just
because of leaf senescence).

There are many studies of photosynthesis in respect to flooding but only
with seedlings, not with adult trees in the field. Any suggestions for

I am interested in every kind of idea and information exchange in respect to

Thanks, Pia


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