Ratio of Oxygen against CO2

A.W. Khan awkhan at fazl.demon.co.uk
Thu Aug 24 15:22:18 EST 1995

I am involved in a research on Origin of Life, in which about five 
years work is already compiled, and it is almost at the end.

In this regard I needed some help on the one question of probably mathemetical 

if anyone has any idea about: when the 
first biotic life started to emerge 
which survived on free-oxygen, at the time when there was only plentyful co2 but no free oxygen:

What was/could have been the ratio of 
generation of free-oxygen by 
photosynthic effect, and when those 
creatures started to consume that little free oxygen how did the balance in atmosphere of oxygen and co2 got to 
this stage.

In the present time, what is the ratio 
of free-oxygen being generated and 
pumped up into the air by 
photosynthesis or otherwise (exactly 
what other means)  and the ratio of co2 pumped back into the atmosphere 
by respiration method.

What is the rate of co2 consumed and oxygen made during 
light-photosynthesis and dark photosynthesis.

thanking you in anticipation...

A.W. Khan

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