INefficiency of energy transfer betw. trophic levels

BruceRat brucerat at
Thu Aug 24 20:53:13 EST 1995

I have  a curious test result:  Though freshwater ponds appear to have 
higher primary productivity (as measured by size of diurnal oxygen pulse),
salt water (salinity = 35 ppt (ocean) up to 100 ppt) ponds have a higher
"harvestable biomass".  Harvesting consists of a measured dipnet sweep of
each pond type.  The salt ponds consistently have much more creatures
(Artemia) large enough to be consumed by waterfowl.  How can this be if
freshwater ponds are doing more photosynthesis every day?  Where is the
lost energy/biomass going in the freshwater ponds?
Bruce Ratcliffe (working on Masters thesis at Cal State Univ, Fresno)
BruceRat @AOL.COM

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