extracting chlorophyll from soil?

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Thu Feb 2 08:41:09 EST 1995

cmduran at whale.st.usm.edu (Charles Michael Duran) writes:


>I am working on a master's thesis project dealing with soil algae and
>chlorophyll in soil.  There is extensive literature on extracting
>chlorophyll from water, but I have been able to find very few references on
>extracting chlorophyl from soil.  I would appreciate any input.

>I am using a colleague's network connection to pose this question?


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I agree with what eric larson has posted.  The trick seems to be 
getting the amount of water in the methanol or (especially) acetone at
the right level.  The best general reference to my knowledge is 
"Chemistry and Biochemistry of Plant Pigments" by T.W. Goodwin, 2nd 
ed., Vol 2, Academic Press, 1976.  This is a good place to start even 
though 20 years old.

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