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Sat Feb 25 16:10:13 EST 1995

>We really like using an open system which is why we aren't considering the LICOR models.  Any other companies to recommend?
>Thanks in advance, 
>Cheryl Wilen
>Univ. California-Riverside
I haven't used the CID equipment, but I have looked at it.  In my opinion, it's 
junk.  It has only a single IRGA so it's not even in the same class as the latest
ADC and LI-Cor systems.  I have extessive experience with the LI-Cor 6400 
(the new one).  It's an open system, has temperature control, a built in light source,
and much more.  Furthermore, the IRGAs are very small and are built into the
leaf chamber giving it extremely fast and accurate response.  In my opinion, 
the LI-Cor is the best on the market.

Eric Singsaas
UW-Madison Department of Botany
singsaas at

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