Student requesting information

Larry Orr psres at ASUCHM.LA.ASU.EDU
Tue Feb 28 18:40:17 EST 1995

I received the following message from a student.  Is there anyone that can
help him out?

>Date: Sat, 25 Feb 1995 22:25:17 -0500 (EST)
>To:   psres at
>Subject: Photosynthesis
>Dear Larry Orr, Iknow that you don't know me, but I'M looking for information
>about the amount of oxygen that a tree can produce by the process of photo-
>        Thank for any information               att Ricardo Rodriguez

Larry Orr                                     tel: 602-965-1963
Photosynthesis Research                       fax: 602-965-2747
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry      email: PSRES at
Arizona State University
Box 871604
Tempe, AZ  85287-1604   U.S.A.

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