algae O2 productions in function of light

Mon Jan 23 09:10:38 EST 1995

The hyperbolic tangent (as well as other) formulations for the photosynthesis-
irradiance (P-I) function have been derived by several workers, using both 
empirical and theoretical approaches. A few references are:

Chalker, B.E. 1980. Modelling light saturation curves for photosynthesis: An 
exponential function. J. Theoretical Biology 84: 205-215.

Gallegos, C.L. and Platt T. 1981. Photosynthesis measurements on natural 
populations of phytoplankton: numerical analysis. In: "Physiological bases of 
phytoplankton ecology", Platt, T. (ed.), Canadian Bulletin Fisheries and 
Aquatic Sciences 210: 103-112.

Jassby, A.D. and Platt T. 1976. Mathematical formulation of the relationship 
between photosynthesis and light for phytoplankton. Limnology and Oceanography 
21: 540-547.

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