Photosynthesis In Marine Plants.. Help me!!!

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Tue Jan 31 16:12:59 EST 1995

Hey folks..  I was going through an internet sources book, looking for 
a place to get help with biology, and this news group was listed.  Before
I get to the problem, let me give you the backgroud.  Ok, I am a Freshman
Bio Student, a computer wiz, but unfortunatly I am not very good when it
comes to sciences.  One requirement to pass the Honors course I am taking
is to create three expiriments that are properly controled, and answer 
the following:

1. Does a green plant use Carbon Dioxide in the light?

2. Is light necessary for the reaction to go on?

3. Are the materials shown in the equation involved in any plant 
   processes other than photosynthesis?

Now I know the answer to all of these, and I have developed a few 
expiriments, but each time my teacher has rejected it because something
was off on the control.  I am at the end of my rope with this expiriment.
It is really making me upset, so I could use a little help, but I do not
just need an expiriment, I need a "properly controled" one.  

I would appreciate any help at all...

Thanks for your time!

-Aaron... The Bio-Student

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