Dalibor.Stys at placebio.lu.se Dalibor.Stys at placebio.lu.se
Fri Jul 14 01:48:32 EST 1995

Dear friends,

I appologise to anybody who felt offended by my posting regarding nuclear tests. 
The letter, when I got it, was signed exclusively by natural scientists. I was 
just scared how many people, whose intelligence and knowledge I deeply respect, 
apparently have signed a letter containing only a simple slogan. Simple slogans, 
understandable by everybody, brought nazism to democratic Germany and comunism 
to democratic Czechoslovakia.

I do not think that is was able to cover all aspects of the subject, either.

I used a the networks to provoke people to think before the simple slogan 
reaches their mailbox.

Thank you for your patiency.

Dalibor Stys

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