Cytochrome f- VIS spectrum

Rafal Ziobro ubziobro at jetta
Thu Jun 1 10:51:56 EST 1995

	I have recently measured some spectra of thylakoids suspension
ascorbate reduced- ferricyanide oxidized. As I know cytochrome f
should have a maximum at 554 nm, but my results are slightly different.
The maximum is shifted about 3-4 nm to higher wavelenghts.
	Is there a reasonable explanation of this fact?
I would appreciate any suggestion (maybe this are some ascorbate
reducable thylakoid components visible in that region which I do not know). 
	Thanks in advance
 Rafal Ziobro, ubziobro at
ul. Armii Krajowej 81/9, 30-150 Krakow, tel. 37-20-77 

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