quantum yields

Flameling, Inez flameling at cemo.nioo.nl
Mon May 15 06:22:25 EST 1995

I have measured operational quantum yields of charge separation 
[QY-IIe; variable fluorescence/maximum fluorescence] and oxygen production 
[QY-O2; oxygen production/(light intensity x absorption cross section)] at 
increasing light intensities for a number of microalgae. My results show, as 
might be expected, that both the QY-IIe and QY-O2 decrease with increasing 
light intensities. The ratio of QY-O2/QY-IIe remains more or less constant at 
subsaturating light intensities. However at higher light intensities, QY-O2 
declines faster than QY-IIe, leading to a logarithmical decrease in 
QY-O2/QY-IIe with increasing light intensity. I would like to get some 
suggestions about what might cause this discrepancy. Could this be 
caused by the Mehler-peroxidase reaction? Also, I would welcome some 
references to studies on quantum yields; especially studies on the linkage of 
quantum yields of charge separation, oxygen production and carbon fixation. 

Inez Flameling

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