Could you help me? [elementary school level photosynthesis]

by way of larry.orr at Larry Orr Serena.Samadani at Rollins.Edu
Wed Oct 4 16:25:02 EST 1995

 Can anyone help with suggustions for the student teacher who sent me this note?

     Dear Mr. Orr

             My name is Serena Samadani and I am a student at Rollins
        College.  I have to teach a lesson on photosynthesis to a group
        of elementary students (anywhere between 1-6 grade).  Do you
        have any ideas?  Do you know of any places I could look to get
        some ideas?  Do you know of any experiments I can do with little
        kids?  If you do, could you please e-mail me at:

                        ssamadani at

                                        Serena Samadani

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