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               NSF Graduate Research Training Program
                     Arizona State University


                -Molecular and Cellular Biology-

                  -Chemistry and Biochemistry-

                         -Plant Biology-

ASU's Graduate Research Training Program supported by the National Science
Foundation offers excellent integrated, multidisciplinary training on
molecular aspects of energy transduction. Participants are the Graduate
Program in Molecular and Cellular Biology, the Center for the Study of
Early Events in Photosynthesis, and the Departments of Chemistry &
Biochemistry and Botany. Research areas include:

       structure and function of photosynthetic reaction centers
       paths of energy flow in photosynthesis
       synthetic reaction center models
       plant molecular biology
       cell growth and development
       mechanisms of organelle biogenesis
       gene expression and regulation

The participating Center and Departments are exceptionally well equipped
with laser spectrometers, X-ray diffraction and EPR spectrometers,
fluorescence equipment, and laboratories for protein and nucleic acid
chemistry. Facilities are also available for NMR spectroscopy, molecular
modeling, electron microscopy, and plant growth. Interaction between
laboratories and "brain-storming" sessions to stimulate critical scientific
thinking are integral parts of the program.

This program is designed to lead to the Ph.D. degree and each student is
provided a combination of research and teaching assistantships for 4 years.
Annual financial support is $16,700, which includes $2,600 for in-state
1995-96 tuition and fees. Out-of-state tuition is waived. In addition,
significant research and travel funds are available. Applicants must be
U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

Faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, and postdoctoral fellows in
the program number approximately 100 people.

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Send requests for information and application forms to:

     Larry Orr, Coordinator
     Graduate Research Training Grant Program
     Arizona State University
     P.O. Box 871604
     Tempe, AZ 85287-1604

     Telephone: (602) 965-1963
     Fax: (602) 965-2747
     Email: Larry.Orr at

For additional information, updates, and participating faculty, visit our
web site at URL:

Larry Orr                               Larry.Orr at
Photosynthesis Center                   tel: (602) 965-1963
Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry       fax: (602) 965-2747
Arizona State University
Box 871604
Tempe, AZ 85287-1604 USA  

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