Can anybody help me?

Pascal Meunier pmeunier at
Fri Oct 6 14:00:46 EST 1995

Serena, a few questions:
What is the time scale of the experiment?  What are your objectives?  Is
growing stuff (like beans) out of the question?  What type of hardware
(budget) do you have access to?  Two low budget experiments could be:
a) Is it conceivable to grow a plant in a 1) sealed vs 2) open container
vs 3) sealed with CO2 supply, to show the necessity of CO2?  
b) How about having worms, crickets, flies, or whatever is small,
plentiful and disgusting enough not to arouse animal right activists -- in
a sealed container, with or without a plant, to show that the plant
produces the oxygen necessary for animal life?

Just some things to start with. 

In article <01HW4EBV83BM002DJG at Fox.Rollins.Edu>,
Serena.Samadani at Rollins.Edu wrote:

>         My name is Serena Samadani and I am a student at Rollins College.  I
> have to do an experiment with elementary students (between 1-6 grade) on 
> photosynthesis.  I'm really stuck -- does anyone have any ideas?  You can
> write back to me at:
>                              ssamadani at
>                                         Thanks,
>                                         Serena Samadani

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