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Dembner, Steve Steve.Dembner at FAO.ORG
Tue Oct 10 11:55:44 EST 1995

Unasylva, the quarterly international journal of forestry and forest
industries published by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United
Nations (FAO) will be available on the WWW starting 16 October 1995, the 50th
anniversary of the founding of FAO.

The first issue of Unasylva to appear on the Web will be Volume 46 No. 3,
Issue No. 182. This issue of Unasylva, commemorates 50 years of FAOdls
experience in and commitment to international forestry development.
Notwithstanding this focus, the issue is essentially forward-looking.
Articles written by senior officers of the FAO Forestry Department consider
key issues facing world forestry today, and challenges for the future.
Lessons are also drawn from past experience.

Complementing the articles written by FAO staff members and highlighting the
commitment of the Organization to a participatory approach, the issue also
includes articles by other partners in the quest for sustainable forestry

Dondlt miss Unasylva on the Web at "" (you will come in
through the home page of FAO) and, after checking it out, E-mail your
comments/suggestions/observations to "Unasylva at".

Note: Like the printed version, the Web version of Unasylva is available in
English, French and Spanish.

Please cross post this announcement as widely as possible.

Stephen A. Dembner
Editor, Unasylva

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