Stacy French is no more

Govindjee gov at
Fri Oct 13 22:23:24 EST 1995

 Our dear friend and a giant in photosynthesis research C.Stacy French
died peacefully this morning at his home in Los Altos Hills (California). 
He was 87. Stacy is known to a lot of people as the inventor of the French
press, but he is known to most of us in photosynthesis as having shown
excitation energy transfer from the accessory pigments to chlorophyll a
through fluorescence spectroscopy; was the first to build and use a "curve
analyzer"; was the first to build and use the "first derivative
spectrophotometer"; showed most clearly the different spectral forms of
chlorophyll a in vivo, among many other things. Stacy's 80th birthday was
celebrated at Stanford by a Symposium held during July 17-23, 1988. The
proceedings of this book entitled "Photosynthesis", edited by Winslow
Briggs, was published in 1989 by Alan R. Liss,Inc., New York. Stacy wrote
about his own perspective "Fifty Years of Photosynthesis" in 1979.It is a
fascinating reading and appears in "Ann. Rev. Plant Physiol. 30:1-26".
Stacy was a wonderful and sweet man. All of us who knew him will miss him
dearly. David Fork, who telephoned me to give this sad news, said that a
memorial service will be held most likely on October 28.-- Govindjee


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