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Please post the attached advertisment for a postdoctoral position. It is 
the text of an advertisement in Nature (19th October) and Nature 
Structural Biology

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Structural Effects of Protein Phosphorylation in 
Photosynthetic Membranes

Knowledge and experience in either membrane protein 
crystallography (X-ray or electron) or protein NMR 
would be advantageous; expertise and facilities are 
located in collaborating laboratories. Heterologous 
expression of genes for key phosphoproteins and 
purification of their products will also be a priority, 
where preliminary work has already been completed for 
psbH and a truncated LHC II apoprotein. The objective 
is to determine the structural basis of regulation of 
membrane protein-protein interactions by 

	The post is supported by the Swedish Natural 
Science Research Council, is for two years (one plus 
one, renewable), has a start date from January 1996 
(negotiable), and carries a stipend (tax-exempt) in the 
region of 200 kSEK p.a. The project  is central to the 
research of a well equipped laboratory focussing on 
regulation of chloroplast and mitochondrial function by 
protein phosphorylation.

	Applications should be received by 15th November 
and include full cv and names of three referees.  
Applications to and further information from: Professor 
John F Allen, Plant Cell Biology, Lund 
University, Box 7007, S-220 07 LUND, Sweden  
Tel +46 46 222 4087.  FAX +46 46 222 4009.  Email: 
john.allen at placebio.lu.se Further information URL: 
gopher://classic.placebio.lu.se/11ftp:VCB classic HD:

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