Chl. and pistachio nuts

Harald Teicher hteicher at
Wed Sep 6 05:10:03 EST 1995

Sitting in our canteen, pondering weighty questions about the meaning of
life, we were stumped by the green pigment of pistachio nuts and avocado.
The discussion has raged backwards and forwards for some time, and the
consensus seems to be that the green stuff must be chlorophyl. So, the question
we present to the world is: what is chlorophyl doing hidden behind thick, light
impermeable skins, is it photosynthetically active, what is the ratio of chl a 
to b, are there thylakoid membranes present, is the chlorophyl synthesis light
regulated via some form of signal transduction.........

Anyone with the answers to some of these questions (references too, please) is
welcome to drop into our canteen, or to send an e-mail to this group. 

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