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Govindjee govindje at ARIES.SCS.UIUC.EDU
Sun Sep 10 10:36:19 EST 1995

	I am delighted to bring it to your attention that a new book " 
Anoxygenic Photosynthetic Bacteria" edited by R.E. Blankenship, M.T. 
Madigan and C.E. Bauer was released by Kluwer Publishers at the 10th 
International Photosynthesis Congress in Montpellier (France) this past 
month. It is Volume 2 of the new series "Advances in Photosynthesis".
	It is a wonderfully large( 62 Chapters; 1368 pages) authoritative 
book describing all aspects of non-oxygen evolving photosynthetic bacteria.
It appears both as a paperback ( at a bargain price) and as a hardback.
The ISBN number of the paperback is: 0-7923-3682-8; and the same for the 
hardback is: 0-7923-3681-X. For further information, you may send an 
E-mail to : services at wkap.nl. 

This message is not an advertisement by the publishers, but a message 
written by the Series Editor (Govindjee) to inform his friends in the 
photosynthesis community about the availibilty of this book.If there are 
objections to such a message on the PSNET, I will refrain from announcing 
the next volumes, scheduled for publication by the end of 1995 or early 1996.
If anyone wishes to receive further information, he/she is welcome to 
write to the E-mail address given in the previous paragraph, or, even 
Gov at uiuc.edu.


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