The Nicelist has been revised

Larry Orr larry.orr at ASU.EDU
Mon Sep 18 16:45:59 EST 1995

I have posted a revised version of The Nicelist (email addresses of
photosynthesis researchers) in the ASU Photosynthesis Center's web site.
The URL is

Please note:  some web browsers store a copy of the files they read in a
cache and will return to that when you try to access files.  Netscape
empties its cache when you close the program, but some browsers such as
certain versions of Mosaic do not.  If the cache is not emptied, you may
get an older version of the file, or even a "File not found" notice,
depending on how long ago you accessed the site.  This can usually be
solved by forcing your browser to reload the file--just press the reload
command on the menu.  I have had much better luck with Netscape Navigator
than I have had with Mosaic and would recommend changing to it if you are
not already using it.


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