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Henrik Vibe Scheller scheller at
Thu Sep 21 08:21:53 EST 1995

4 postdoctoral positions, Plant Biochemistry Laboratory
at the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University (RVAU) in
   RVAU's Department of Plant Biology employs a total staff of 80
people, of which 28 are in the Plant Biochemistry Laboratory. The
current research activities at the Plant Biochemistry Laboratory include
the light processes of PHOTOSYNTHESIS, starch/carbohydrate metabolism,
and biosynthetic pathways of secondary plant products (cyanogenic
glucosides, glucosinolates). Four  postdoctoral positions are available as
soon as possible within the following research areas:

Starch- the aim is to study the metabolic reactions resulting in the
synthesis of starch including phosphorylated potato starch using in vitro
systems (isolated intact amyloplasts or stroma preparations, and
DIONEX techniques). Project leader: Dr. Tom Hamborg Nielsen,

Cyanogenic Glucosides- the aim is to isolate and characterize the
cytochrome P450 genes involved in the biosynthesis of cyanogenic
glucosides in cassava, the tropical potato, using antibodies and gene
probes available from sorghum. Project leader: Prof. Birger Lindberg
Moller, ph: (+45)35283352, email: moeller at 

Glucosinolates- the aim is to study the biosynthesis and transport of
glucosinolates within oilseed rape (Brassica napus) for further isolation
and characterization of the transporter involved by complementation and
expression in yeast. Project leader: Dr. Barbara Ann Halkier, ph:
(+45)35283354, email: halkier at     

PHOTOSYNTHESIS- the aim is to study structure/function relationships in
photosystem I and in the related reaction center complex from green
sulfur bacteria. The research includes transformation and reconstitution
experiments using barley and Chlorobium vibrioforme. Project leader:
Dr. Henrik Vibe Scheller, ph:(+45)35283354, email:
scheller at

Requirements The successful applicants should be highly motivated
scientists with a proven record demonstrating a strong background in
molecular biology and biochemistry. Experience in microbiology will be
an additional advantage, in particular for the photosynthesis project.

Terms of employment The postdoctoral positions are funded as
temporary positions for 12 months with possibility of extension to three
years. Salary is fixed according to national agreements, currently within
the scale 279.000DKK to 303.000DKK, including obligatory pension

Application Applicants should send 4 copies of a brief statement
describing research interests, curriculum vitae, list of publications and
the names and phone numbers of at least two references to: Professor
Birger Lindberg Moller, Plant Biochemistry Laboratory, Department of
Plant Biology, Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, 40
Thorvaldsensvej, DK-1871 Frederiksberg C, Copenhagen, Denmark.   

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