postdoctoral research

Tue Aug 13 16:04:44 EST 1996

Nicotine is an alkaloid that functions as a potent inducible chemical
defense in a number of Nicotiana species.  Putrescine methyl transferase
(PMT) is thought to be the rate limiting enzyme in nicotine biosynthesis.
We have cloned the gene for this enzyme from a North American species of
Nicotiana.  We are seeking a postdoctoral researcher interested in exploring
the dynamics of PMT expression in plants in response to various biotic
The position is available immediately for 1 year at SUNY Buffao with the
possibility of a 3-year position at a new Max Planck Institute devoted to
the study of Chemical Ecology in Jena, Germany.  Applicants should have
extensive experience in molecular biological techniques.  Send CV,
statement of research interests and addresses/phone numbers of three
references to:  Drs. Ian Baldwin and Margaret Hollingsworth, Department
of Biological Sciences, SUNY at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY  14260.
FAX: 716 645 2975; phone (Baldwin) 716 645 3849; e-mail: baldwin at or hollings at

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