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BBA - Bioenergetics

Vol. 1276, No. 1    7 August 1996


Cloning of a cDNA encoding the small subunit of cytochrome b558
(cybS) of mitochondrial fumarate reductase (complex II) from
adult Ascaris suum
F. Saruta, H. Hirawake (Tokyo 108, Japan), S. Takamiya, Y.-C.
Ma, T. Aoki (Tokyo, Japan), K. Sekimizu (Fukuoka, Japan), S.
Kojima and K. Kita (Tokyo 108, Japan)   1

`As prepared' forms of fully oxidised haem/Cu terminal
A.J. Moody (Cornwall, PL30 4AU, UK)     6
Molecular biology of the lactose carrier of Escherichia coli
M.F. Varela and T.H. Wilson (Boston, MA 02115, USA)    21

On the role of exchangeable hydrogen bonds for the kinetics of
P680+u QAu formation and P680+u Pheou recombination in
photosystem II
S. Vasil'ev (Moscow 119899, Russia), A. Bergmann (D-10623
Berlin, Germany), H. Redlin (D-10099 Berlin, Germany), H.-J.
Eichler and G. Renger (D-10623 Berlin, Germany)   35

Proton leak and control of oxidative phosphorylation in
perfused, resting rat skeletal muscle
D.F.S. Rolfe and M.D. Brand (Cambridge CB2 1QW, UK)    45

H+/ATP coupling ratio at the unmodulated CF0CF1-ATP synthase
determined by proton flux measurements
S. Berry and B. Rumberg (D-10623 Berlin, Germany) 51

Purification and characterization of the succinate
dehydrogenase complex and CO-reactive b-type cytochromes from
the facultative alkaliphile Bacillus firmus OF4
R. Gilmour and T.A. Krulwich (New York, NY 10029, USA) 57

Some physical properties of an unusual C-phycocyanin isolated
from a photosynthetic thermophile
M.R. Edwards, R. MacColl and L.E. Eisele (Albany, NY
12201-0509, USA)    64

Differences in nucleotide compartmentation and energy state in
isolated and in situ rat heart: assessment by 31P-NMR
J.P. Williams and J.P. Headrick (Townsville,
Queensland 4811, Australia)   71

DCCD-sensitive proton permeability of bacterial photosynthetic
membranes. Cross-reconstitution studies with purified bovine
heart Fo subunits
F. Zanotti (Bari, Italy), R. Casadio (Bologna, Italy), C.
Perrucci and F. Guerrieri (Bari, Italy) 80

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