updated WWWsite: The Antibody Resource Page

Kevin Shreder kshreder at ucsd.edu
Sun Jul 7 23:09:27 EST 1996

The Antibody Resource Page has recently been updated.  This website is
the only one on the web devoted to collecting links and useful
information about antibodies.  The webpage contains educational links
about antibodies (some with incredible graphics), links to on-line
journals that cover antibody-related topics, an essay on the study of
antibody molecular recognition, links to on-line antibody sequencing
and hybridoma databases, and a miscellaneous section.

I also have a large section designed to help those looking for an
antibody:  This latter section contains more than 60 links to on-line
companies that sell antibodies, many which have searchable catalogues.
This section also contains useful tips on how to find antibodies using
the internet or otherwise.

I am always looking for new links to add to my page, so if you know of
any, please let me know via email.  Or just email me to let me know
what you think of the page!  The URL for the Antibody Resource Page


Kevin Shreder, Ph.D.
kshreder at ucsd.edu

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