13th Eastern Reagional Photosynthesis Conference

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13th Annual Eastern Regional Photosynthesis Conference
Swope Conference Center
Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA
April 12 - 14, 1996

        This is the official registration form for the 13th Annual
Eastern Regional Photosynthesis Conference.  The activities will begin
=46riday, April 12th, with registration beginning at 3:00 p.m.  A mixer
5:00 p.m. followed by dinner and a lecture by an invited speaker.
sessions will be held on Saturday morning and evening and again on
morning.  Early Saturday afternoon will be free of scheduled
activity.There will be a poster session in the late afternoon.  The
meeting will
end following lunch on Sunday.  Featured speakers this year are:

Julio dePaula,
"Resonance Light-Scattering Spectra of  Chlorophyll Aggregates and
Light-Harvesting  Complexes"
Elias Greenbaum,
 "A Study of Photosynthetic Reactions with Chlamydomonadas Mutants
Lack Photosystem I"
Juliette Lecomte
"NMR Structural Methods Applied to PsaE from Photosystem I"

        Registrants are encouraged to present research findings as a
poster or a 20 minute lecture (15 minute talk w/5 minutes for
questions).  Undergraduates, graduate students and post-doctoral
are especially encouraged to deliver oral presentation.  Each
presentation must be accompanied by an abstract which should arrive at
Columbia University by March 20th, to be included in the program.

        Please return the completed registration form with payment by
March 20th and the abstract by March 20, 1996.

        Please type abstract so that they fit into a space 6 1/2
wide by 9 inches high.  They should begin with a title in CAPS, the
authors name(s), institutional affiliation and addresses followed by
text.  Abstracts should be typed using a high quality ribbon or copies
using an ink-jet or laser printer.  Use white paper free of creases.
Please do not FAX.  Abstracts will be photocopies in the program.
Posters should be prepared to occupy a space or about 4 feet wide  and
feet high and should be mounted in the Swope Conference  Center upon
arrival.  Abstracts need not be sent with the registration form,
they must be received by March 20, 1996.   I look forward to greeting
of you at Woods Hole in April.

Ann McDermott


Registration Form  - Deadline  March 20, 1996

Name:   e-mail:

Telephone:      FAX:
Accommodations:  single double
Roommate's Name:

Nature of Presentation(s)  -  Indicate number in each category &
appropriate category
 20 minute talk & poster        Poster only
Subject area(s); list five key words:

         The per-person-rates, indicated below, cover registration,
accommodations for Friday (April 12th) and Saturday (April 13th)
all meals form Friday evening dinner through Sunday lunch, mixers and
coffee breaks.

Double Room:  $170.00   Single Room:  $204.00
Meals & Mixers Only $130.00     Registration & Mixers Only $32.00

Please make check payable to:  Columbia University Bursar c/o Regional
Photosynthesis Conference
                        Mail with payment to:
Elizabeth Cusack
Columbia University
Dept. of Chemistry / Box 310 Havemeyer
3000 Broadway
New York, NY  10027-6948

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