Philip Thornber Memorial Service Announcement

Beth Dreyfuss bdreyfus at
Thu May 2 20:03:46 EST 1996

It is without deepest regrets that we post this notice.  On Wednesday, May
1, J. Philip Thornber passed away.  A memorial service will be held in honor
of him on Saturday, May 4, 11 am at the UCLA Faculty Center.  Sympathies can
be sent to the Faculty Center or to Elaine Tobin and Philip's home.

        UCLA Faculty Center
        480 Circle Drive
        Los Angeles, CA 90095

        Elaine Tobin
        2337 Veteran Avenue
        Los Angeles, CA  90064

Plans are being arranged for the dedication of a bench in honor of Philip in
the UCLA Botanical Gardens, and possibly, the establishment of a student
fellowship.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact
one of the below:

        Sabeeha Merchant        (310) 825-8300
        merchant at

        Beth Welty Dreyfuss     (310) 825-3661
        bdreyfus at

        Karam Singh             (310) 206-8259
        ksingh at

        Ann Hirsch              (310) 206-8673
        hirsch at

        Sharlene Weatherwax     (310) 825-0130
        sharlenw at

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