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Tue Oct 15 11:30:31 EST 1996

New  O2/CO2/CH4/H2S Respirometer is intended for monitoring gas exchanges
caused by bacteria or plants activity  during  aerobic or anaerobic
biodegradation/bioremediation of  organic materials or oils, plastics,
explosives, fuels. It can also be used for monitoring respiration of
algae, plants and insects. Up to 80 sample chambers can be connected to
Respirometer which is equipped with  O2, CO2,CH4 and H2S Analyzers.
Optional H2 sensor is also available.
Sample chambers can be refreshed by ambient air or from the compress gas
bottles or from the  programmable gas blender. Respirometer is capable to
measure head space gas exchanges ( oxygen consumption , CO2/CH4,H2S
production etc) on 24h basis. Multiple experiments of different length can
be conducted in the same time using liquid or solid samples. Due to the
exceptionally high sensitivity 0.2uLof gas/h,  Respirometer can monitor
very slow anaerobic biodegradation processes but optional open flow
arrangement providing air supply to the reactors can be used to measure
gas exchanges during composting or fermentation processes.

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