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A postdoctoral position is available October 15, 1996, to study of the
photosynthetic response of wheat to high free-air CO2 enrichment and
limiting nitrogen.  The project involves measurements of photosynthetic gas
exchange and fluorescence emission from wheat leaves growing in field
conditions.  Biochemical studies of the treated leaf sample will include
analysis of carbohydrate content, quantitation of key photosynthetic
enzymes and analysis of gene expression.  Project background may be found
in the following references:

Nie, G.-Y., Long, S.P., Garcia, R.L. Kimball, B.A., LaMorte, R.L., Pinter,
P.J., Wall, G.W., and Webber, A.N. 1995. Free-Air CO2 enrichment effects on
the development of the photosynthetic apparatus in wheat, as indicated by
changes in leaf proteins.  Plant Cell and Environment, 18, 855-864.

Nie, G.-Y., Hendrix, D.L., Webber, A.N., Kimball, B.A. and Long, S.P. 1995.
Increased accumulation of carbohydrates and decreased photosynthetic gene
transcript levels in wheat grown at an elevated CO2 concentration in the
field. Plant Physiology 108, 975-983.

For further information contact:

Gerard Wall (602) 379-4356 (gwall at
Andrew Webber (602) 965-8725 (andrew.webber at

Application:  Send a CV with publications, and the names and addresses of
at least 2 referees to Gerard Wall, United States Water Conservation
Laboratory, Agricultural Research Service, US Department of Agriculture,
East Broadway, Phoenix, AZ 85040.

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