Research Training Program in Biomolecular Devices

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Tue Sep 17 17:32:39 EST 1996

Arizona State University announces a new multidisciplinary graduate
research training program which integrates the areas of biology,
biophysics, chemistry and engineering.  The research focus of the program
is biomolecular devices, both natural and manmade.  The training theme is
multidisciplinary study and research across the traditional boundaries
between life sciences, physical sciences and engineering.  The goal of the
program is to prepare aspiring scientists and engineers for an increasingly
interdisciplinary research environment, both in industry and academics.
Students in the program will pursue doctorates in either Botany,
Bioengineering, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Electrical Engineering, or
Molecular and Cellular Biology while participating in a variety of courses
and research projects designed to interface these areas together.  Full
four-year stipend packages are available for U.S. residents funded through
a grant from the National Science Foundation.

For complete information, visit us on the internet at:

or contact us directly:

	Professor Neal Woodbury
	Biomolecular Devices Program
	Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
	Arizona State University
	Tempe, AZ 85287-1604

	tel:  602-965-3294
	Nwoodbury at


	Mr. Larry Orr,
	tel:   602-965-1963
	fax:  602-965-2747
	Larry.Orr at

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