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Mark Hovenden Mark.Hovenden at
Mon Sep 23 12:16:19 EST 1996

Does anyone out there know where I might find the first records of
minimal fluorescence in light adapted samples, Fo'?  Also, can some
learned person begin a discussion on the nature Fo'?

It seems to me from a rapid assessment of the literature that very little
attention has been paid to what Fo' IS and what it is telling us.  Is
there a decent review anywhere?  Fo' is very important in the
determination of heat dissipation by the antennae, but most researchers
tend to just put in the standard measurements of Fv/Fm, Yield (Genty
parameter) and NPQ, none of which use Fo'.  The Colorado group use
Fv'/Fm' which DOES require Fo' knowledge, but few others do.

At the 1994 Robertson Symposium I remember that one of the discussion
sessions was on the nature of Fo', but I was so nervous about having to
give my paper that I can't remember what was talked about.  Does anyone

I hope that this might stimulate some discussion as well as aiding my
interpretations of fluorescence quenching analysis.

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