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Thu Sep 26 10:45:51 EST 1996

I have a superior high school student on Long Island, New York.  He is
interested in
biophysics.  He wanted to do a science project to investigate the possibility
of using photosynthesis (chlorophyll) as a solar reaction or solar cell.
 Could you get a usable current out of the photosynthesis system? The was his
question.  He investigated the problem, spoke to scientists at Oakridge
National Lab and Brookhaven Lab.  It seems like a very difficult task for
anyone let alone a high school student.  I do not want him to abandoned his
work.  He has already extracted spinach chlorophyl and did a absorption
spectrum on it. Does anyone have any ideas for photosynthesis projects
related to biophysics that a bright 11th grader could do.  Is his original
idea related to photocells using chlorophyl possible?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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