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BBA - Bioenergetics

Vol. 1320, No. 1    16 May 1997


Subunits I and II of Dictyostelium cytochrome c oxidase are
specified by a single open reading frame transcribed into a
large polycistronic RNA  R. Pellizzari, C. Anjard and R.
Bisson (35121 Padua, Italy)   1
Functional regions of the H+-ATPase inhibitory protein from OX
heart mitochondria  D.A. Harris (Oxford, OX1 3QU, UK)  8
Identification of domains on the 43 kDa chlorophyll-carrying
protein (CP43) that are shielded from tryptic attack by
binding of the extrinsic 33 kDa protein with Photosystem II
complex   I. Enami, A. Tohri (Tokyo 162, Japan), M. Kamo
(Chiba 278, Japan), H. Ohta (Tokyo 162, Japan) and Jian-Ren
Shen (Saitama 351-01, Japan)  17
Uptake of creatine phosphate into heart mitochondria: a leak
in the creatine shuttle  S. Soboll, A. Conrad, A. Eistert
(40225 D?sseldorf, Germany), K. Herick and R. Kr?mer (52425
J?lich, Germany)    27
Evidence for multiple steps in the pre-steady-state electron
transfer reaction of nitrogenase from Azotobacter vinelandii
M.G. Duyvis, R.E. Mensink, H. Wassink and H. Haaker (6703 HA
Wageningen, The Netherlands)  34
Mobilization of iron from neoplastic cells by some iron
chelators is an energy-dependent process     D.R. Richardson
(Montr?al, Qu?bec, Canada)    45
Phosphatase activity of H+-ATPase from chloroplasts    T.
Beatriz Creczynski-Pasa (City, Country), P. Gr?ber (79104
Freiburg, Germany), E. Walter Alves, A. Teixeira Ferreira and
H. Maria Scofano (21941-590 Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil)     58
1H, 13C and 17O isotropic and anisotropic hyperfine coupling
prediction for the tyrosyl radical using hybrid density
functional methods  P.J. O'Malley and D. Ellson (Manchester,
M60 1QD, UK)   65
A small-angle neutron scattering study on the small aggregates
of bacteriochlorophylls in solutions    Z.-Y. Wang, M. Umetsu,
K. Yoza, M. Kobayashi (Sendai 980-77, Japan), M. Imai, Y.
Matsushita (Tokai, Naka, Ibaraki, 319-11, Japan), N. Niimura
(Ibaraki 319-11, Japan) and Tsunenori Nozawa (Sendai 980-77,
Japan)    73
The reduction of acetylpyridine adenine dinucleotide by NADH ?
is it a significant reaction of proton-translocating
transhydrogenase, or an artefact?  S.N. Stilwell, T. Bizouarn
and J. Baz Jackson (Birmingham, B15 2TT, UK) 83
Regulation of antenna structure and electron transport in
Photosystem II of pisum sativum under elevated temperature
probed by the fast polyphasic chlorophyll a fluorescence
transient: OKJIP    A. Srivastava, B. Guiss? (Geneva,
Switzerland), H. Greppin (Geneva-4, Switzerland) and R.J.
Strasser (Geneva, Switzerland)     95

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