Photosynthesis database in Reference Manager

Pascal Meunier pmeunier at
Mon Apr 14 11:13:40 EST 1997

Dear friends interested in photosynthesis,

   I have assembled a database of more than 2200 references in the program
Reference Manager (Macintosh).

1) I am wondering if anyone might be interested in exchanging databases.
This would avoid duplicate work and let me and you know of interesting
references we might have missed.  Since reference manager detects duplicate
references, it would import only those we missed.

2) What interest is there for a freely distributable (ftp) version of this
database?  Would you be interested to contribute your (Reference Manager)
database to the assembly of a "giant" photosynthesis database?

While my database has many faults at present (duplicate references,
unnecessary keywords),  I would clean it up for distribution and assemble
that giant database if enough people are interested.

Please let me know what you think!

Pascal Meunier

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