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BBA - Bioenergetics

Vol. 1319, No. 2-3	11 April 1997


Electron transfer in the superoxide-generating NADPH oxidase complex
reconstituted in vitro	V. Koshkin, O. Lotan and E. Pick (Tel Aviv 69978,
Israel)	139
Temperature and viscosity dependence of the electron-transfer reaction
between plastocyanin and cytochrome c labeled with a ruthenium(II)
bipyridine complex	M.R. Harris, D.J. Davis, B. Durham and F. Millett
(Fayetteville, USA)	147
An in vitro motility assay system retaining the steady-state force-velocity
characteristics of muscle fibers under positive and negative loads	N.
Ishii (Tokyo 153, Japan), T. Tsuchiya (Kobe 657, Japan) and H. Sugi (Tokyo
173, Japan)	155
Relaxation properties of the photosystem 1 electron transfer components:
indications of the relative positions of the electron transfer cofactors in
photosystem 1	M.C. Berry, P.J. Bratt and M.C.W. Evans (London WC1E 6BT,
UK)	163
e-Binding regions of the g subunit of Escherichia coli ATP synthase
	S.D. Dunn (London, Ont. N6A 5C1, Canada)	177
Low temperature EPR on Photosystem I single crystals: orientation of the
iron-sulfur centers FA and FB	A. Kamlowski, A. van der Est, P. Fromme and
D. Stehlik (Berlin, Germany)	185
The structural organization of the PsaC protein in Photosystem I from
single crystal EPR and X-ray crystallographic studies	A. Kamlowski, A.
van der Est, P. Fromme (14195 Berlin, Germany), N. Krau=DF, W.-D. Schubert,
O. Klukas (10623 Berlin, Germany) and D. Stehlik (14195 Berlin, Germany)
Electron transport and triplet formation in membrane fragments of the green
sulfur bacterium Prosthecochloris aestuarii	E.M. Franken and J. Amesz
(Leiden, The Netherlands)	214
Interaction of the mitochondrial NADH-ubiquinone reductase with rotenone as
related to the enzyme active/inactive transition	V.G. Grivennikova,
E.O. Maklashina, E.V. Gavrikova and A.D. Vinogradov (Moscow 119899, Russia)
Critical analysis of the extinction coefficient of chloroplast cytochrome f
	S.U. Metzger (Urbana, IL 61801, USA), W.A. Cramer (W. Lafayette, IN
47907, USA) and J. Whitmarsh (Urbana, IL 61801, USA)	233
Reaction centers of Rhodobacter sphaeroides R-26 with selective replacement
of bacteriopheophytin by pheophytin a. I. Characterisation of steady-state
absorbance and circular dichroism, and of the P+QA- state	E.M.
=46ranken (2300 RA Leiden, The Netherlands), A. Ya. Shkuropatov (Moscow
region 142292, Russian Federation), C. Francke, Sieglinde Neerken, P. Gast
(2300 RA Leiden, The Netherlands), V. A. Shuvalov (Moscow region 142292,
Russian Federation), A.J. Hoff and T.J. Aartsma (2300 RA Leiden, The
Netherlands)	242
Involvement of aspartate/glutamate antiporter in fatty acid-induced
uncoupling of liver mitochondria	V.N. Samartsev, A. V. Smirnov, I.P.
Zeldi (Yoshkar-Ola, Russia), O.V. Markova, E.N. Mokhova and V.P. Skulachev
(Moscow 119899, Russia)	251
Interaction of ferricytochrome c with polyanion Nafion	E. Sedl=E1k (041 67
Kosice, Slovakia), M. Antal=EDk, J. B=E1gel´ov=E1 (043 53 Kosice, Slov=
and M. Fedurco (182 23 Prague 8, Czech Republic)	258
Cis-trans-isomerization of violaxanthin in LHC II: violaxanthin
isomerization cycle within the violaxanthin cycle	W.I. Gruszecki, M.
Matula (20-031 Lublin, Poland), N. Ko-chi, Yasushi Koyama (Nishinomiya 662,
Japan) and Z. Krupa (20-031 Lublin, Poland)	267
Ultrastructure and light adaptation of phycobilisome mutants of
Synechocystis PCC 6803	J. Olive (75005 Paris, France), G. Ajlani, C.
Astier (Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex, France), M. Recouvreur (75005 Paris, France)
and C. Vernotte (Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex, France)	275
Energy metabolism and glycolysis in human placental trophoblast cells
during differentiation	B.E. Bax and D.L. Bloxam (London W6 0XG, United
Kingdom)	283
Control of oxidative phosphorylation in rat liver mitochondria: effect of
ionic media	A. Devin, B. Gu=E9rin and M. Rigoulet (33077 Bordeaux Cedex,
=46rance)	293
Energy levels in resting and mitogen-stimulated human lymphocytes during
treatment with FK506 or cyclosporin A in vitro	H. Karlsson (Lund, Sweden),
J.W. DePierre and L. N=E4ssberger (106 91 Stockholm, Sweden)	301
Lack of copper insertion into unprocessed cytoplasmic nitrous oxide
reductase generated by an R20D substitution in the arginine consensus motif
of the signal peptide	A. Dreusch (76128 Karlsruhe, Germany), D.M.
B=FCrgisser, C.W. Heizmann (8032 Z=FCrich, Switzerland) and W.G. Zumft (7612=
Karlsruhe, Germany)	311
Source of ATP for hexokinase-catalyzed glucose phosphorylation in tumor
cells: dependence on the rate of oxidative phosphorylation relative to that
of extramitochondrial ATP generation	Y. Shinohara, I. Sagawa, J.
Ichihara, K. Yamamoto (Tokushima 770, Japan), K. Terao (Chiba 280, Japan)
and H. Terada (Tokushima 770, Japan)	319
Effects of metal ions on the substrate-specificity and activity of
proton-pumping nicotinamide nucleotide transhydrogenase from Escherichia
coli	J. Zhang, X. Hu, A. Majid Osman and J. Rydstr=F6m (S-413 90 G=F6teborg,
Sweden)	331

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