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Wed Mar 26 11:42:30 EST 1997

	I have not written to my photosynthesis colleagues this year at
the time of the New Year. This is because I did not have access to my
E-mail during that period. I have been on my sabbatical this academic
year. First, I went to the University of Geneva (August-October,1996);
then, I went to several universities and institutes in India as a
Fulbright Senior Lecturer. I spread the gospel of photosynthesis at more
than 15 places. I had the fortune of co-directing a Dance-drama program that
explained several concepts of photosynthesis:Mitchell's theory; mechanism
of ATP synthesis; charge accumulation in the oxygen clock; two-electron
gate and how certain herbicides kill plants.Here, students played the
role of various molecules and music accompanied the transfers of
electrons and protons (differently colored balloons were used to
represent electrons and protons). Now, I am visiting RSBS, ANU, Canberra,
Australia till May 21, 1997. After this, I plan to go to NIBB at Okazaki
(Japan) from where I will return to Urbana only on August 15, 1997.
	I belatedly wish you all a Happy and profitable New Year. Keep up
the light of photosynthesis glowing in your hearts and elsewhere.

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