iron(II) as p/s electron donor

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  Here are two refs that discuss these newly discovered bacteria. To the
best of my knowledge, there have not been any other publications on them.
Bob Blankenship

   Widdel, F., Schnell, S., Heising, S., Ehrenreich, A., Assmus, B., and
Schink, B. (1993) Ferrous Iron Oxidation by Anoxygenic Phototrophic
Bacteria. Nature,  362, 834-836.
   Ehrenreich, A., and Widdel, F. (1994) Anaerobic oxidation of ferrous
iron by purple bacteria, a new type of phototrophic metabolism. Applied and
Environmental Microbiology,  60, 4517-4526.

>A colleague of mine claimed that he has seen a recent paper regarding the
>use of iron(II) as a primary electron donor in purple non-sulphur iron
>bacteria.  Is anyone aware of such a publication or any information that
>may relate iron(II) to these orgainsms other than the presence of iron in
>the quinone elements of the redox chain?  If so I would grateful if you
>could inform me of such activity by e-mail.
>   thanks in advance,
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>Imperial College
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