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Thu Jan 15 14:39:07 EST 1998

Dear Photosynthesis colleagues:

I am pleased to inform you that  in the month of February (1998),
Photosynthesis Research will be publishing a "Personal
Perspective/Minireview"  by George Feher of the Physics Department of the
University of California at San Diego, California. I provide below its

G. Feher (1998) "Three Decades of Research in Bacterial Photosynthesis and
the Road Leading to it: A Personal Account". Photosynthesis Research,
Volume 55 (number 1), pages 1-40.

        In 1998, we are also expecting to read the "Personal Perspective"
by Andre Jagendorf; and  an "Obituary"  of Noun Shavit.

        During 1997, we had the following papers that dealt with
historical perspectives (including obituaries); in case you have missed
them, you can find them from the following list:

[1] P. Loach (1997) "Obituary: A Rembrance of Melvin Calvin". Photosynth.
Res. 54(1) 1-3.

[2] Y. Fujita (1997) " A Study on the Dynamic Features of Photosystem
Stoichiometry: Accomplishments and Problems for Future Studies."
Photosynth. Res. 53 (1-2) 83-93.

[3] H. Gest (1997) "A 'Misplaced Chapter' in the History of Photosynthesis
Research; the Second Publication (1796) on Plant Processes by Dr. Jan
Ingenhousz, M.D., Discoverer of Photosynthesis. A Bicentennial
'Resurrection'"". Photosynth. Res. 53(1) 65-72.

[4] H.J. Dutton (1997) " Carotenoid-sensitized Photosynthesis: Quantum
Efficiency, Fluorescence and Energy Transfer". Photosynth. Res. 52(2)

[5] D. A. Walker (1997)" 'Tell Me Where All Past Years Are'". Photosynth.
Res. 51(1) 1-26.

        If you have suggestions for articles in the "Historical Corner" of
Photosynthesis Research, please donot hesitate to write to me.

Associate Editor (Historical Corner), Photosynthesis Research


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