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+AD4-Dear collegues,
+AD4-I am looking for a time constant of radiationless charge
+AD4-recombination between P680 and QA- or P680 and Phe- and
+AD4-corresponding literature. Thank you for your advise in advance.
(I assume you mean P680+- in the above)

I'm not sure what you mean because the charge recombination itself would be
However, the product would be either excited P680 or the ground state. If
the former, then some (probably most) can relax non-radiatively. For
P+-Pheo- this would be the main route (direct electron transfer from Pheo
to the P680 ground state orbital is much slower).
For P+-Qa- it is quite likely that recombination to give P680 ground state
would predominate (I would guess at a time constant within an order of
magnitude of one second).

I'm not sure who has real numbers distinct for  each of the two types of

I hope that this helps.

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