Help on Laser Induced Fluorescence Imaging

Ronald Rodriguez Ronald.Rodriguez at
Wed Feb 24 11:32:28 EST 1999

Hello Photosynthesis People,

I would be indebted if you could give some indications about how the
ctechniques are applied to the study
of Plant Chorophill Fluorescence. I would like to know more about
1)literature, 2) digital imaging and related software, 3) hardware
details,  4) math and algorithms used for digital image processing, 5)
fluorescence signals and its measurement,  6) CCD cameras, 7)
VideoBlaster SE 100, 8) UV and monochrome light sources, 9) video
signals, 10) filters, 11) early plant stress detection and/or any
other item you could consider useful and related to Laser induced
Fluorescence Imaging applied to plant stress detection/monitoring.
Thank you in advance,
Ronald Rodriguez
P.S. you can contact me at Ronald.Rodriguez at

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