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Mon Jul 19 12:09:45 EST 1999

Many contributors to 'photosynthesis' have expressed interest in the use of
beermats (coasters) to "further the public understanding of sceince".
Originally the answers to the questions posed were not posted on our web

because we did not wish to anticipate their arrival in the pubs which
participated. Subsequently some visitors to the site did not look far
enough to find the answers. This week the site has been updated and both
questions and answers are now readily accessed at a click.

david walker

 From David Alan Walker, D.Sc. FRS,  Emeritus Professor of Photosynthesis,
University of Sheffield, UK.

				Current Links

'The Pub Understanding of Science'-the role of beer mats in furthering the
understandingof science

'A Leaf in Time'- a text on photosynthesis for 8-12 year olds

'Energy, Plants and Man'- a text on photosynthesis  and the environment for
16-99 year olds
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