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As a follow up to the announcement on a special issue on 
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Indian Journal of Biochemistry & Biophysics (IJBB), December 2000
Special Number on
'Photosynthesis Research in the Post-Genomic Era
'Guest Editors:
Parag R Chitnis (Ames, Iowa, USA)
Prasanna Mohanty, (New Delhi, India)

This theme number contains solicited (invited) articles constituting 
14 Original Research Papers and 5 Minireviws, authored by leading 
scientists in Photosynthesis research. The papers provide an insight 
into the mechanisms of photosynthetic reactions, biogenesis of 
photosynthetic complexes, plant signal transduction, plant 
proteomics, gene expression and other aspects of photosynthesis. The 
special number is a rich source of information on the 
state-of-the-art in Photosynthesis research.. In tune with the 
contents of this issue is a specially designed cover showing modeled 
cofactors in PSII reaction center.

IJBB is a bimonthly research periodical, published by the National 
Institute of Science Communication (NISCOM), New Delhi, India. It is 
peer reviewed and is covered by Chemical Abstracts and other leading 
Abstracting services, Current Contents and Science Citation Index. 
The current special number is of 170 pages. For information, please 
contact The Editor, Indian Journal of Biochemistry & Biophysics, 
NISCOM. For ordering of the special number of thejournal, please 
contact Sales & Distribution Officer, NISCOM, Dr. K S Krishnan Marg, 
New Delhi, 110012, India ((FAX: 91-11-5787062 - Attention: Sales & 
Distribution Officer).

The Table of Contents of the Special Issue follows:

Indian Journal of Biochemistry & Biophysics




Biogenesis and assembly of photosystem I				351
	Tatjana M E Schwabe and Jocken Kruip

Proteomics: A powerful tool in the post-genomic era		360
	Larysa Porubleva and Parag R Chitnis

=46uture research directions in plant signal transduction mechanisms369
	Donald A Heck

Multiple functions of photosystem II					377
	Jack J S van Rensen and Victor B Curwiel

Carbon concentration mechanisms in photosynthetic microorganisms383
	Durba Ghoshal and Arun Goyal

Regular Papers
Greening of intermittent-light-grown bean plants in continuous light: 
Thylakoid components in relation to photosynthetic performance and 
capacity for photoprotection 
	W S Chow, C Funk, A B Hope and Govindjee

An insight into the assembly and organization of photosystem I 
complex in the thylakoid membranes of the thermophilic 
cyanobacterium, Mastigocladus laminosus 
	Amit Lushy, Zengyong He, Alex Fish, Merav Darash-Yahana, 
Limor	Minai, Liliya Verchovsky, Dorit Michaeli and Rachel Nechushtai

A set-up to study photochemically induced dynamic nuclear 
polarization in photosynthetic reaction centres by solid-state NMR 
	J=F6rg Matysik, Alia, Johan G Hollander, Tatjana Egorova- 
	Zachernyuk, Peter Gast and Huub J M de Groot

Carboxy terminal region of a chloroplast DNA polymerase accessory 
factor stimulates DNA polymerase activity 
Amos Gaikwad, Duong Van Hop and Sunil Kumar Mukherjee

Addition of C-terminal histidyl tags to PsaL and PsaK1 proteins of 
cyanobacterial photosystem I 
Huadong Tang and Parag R Chitnis

Overexpression and reconstitution of a Rieske iron-sulfur protein 
from the cyanobacterium Synechocystis PCC 6803 
	Dirk Schneider, Karin Jaschkowitz, Andreas Seidler and Matthias	R=F6gner

Analysis of the activity of promoters from two photosynthesis-related 
genes psaF and petH of spinach in a monocot plant, rice		447
	Amitabh Mohanty, Monendra Grover, Ashok Chaudhury, Quazi 
	Rizwan-ul-Haq, Arun K Sharma, Satish C Maheshwari and 
Akhilesh	K Tyagi

Diurnal regulation of plastid genes in Populus deltoides		453
	M S Srinivasa Reddy, Sushma Naithani, R Tuli and P V Sane

Role of metal ions in coupling between chemical catalysis and 
conformational changes in ATP synthase				459
	Yehosua Hochman, Xiao-Min Gong, Yael Lifshitz and Chanoch	Carmeli

Induction of polyunsaturated fatty-acid synthesis enhances tolerance 
of a cyanobacterium, Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii, to 
low-temperature photoinhibition 
	Ott=F3 Zsiros, Zsuzsanna V=E1rkonyi, Attila Kov=E1cs, Tibor Farkas, 
	Zolt=E1n Gombos and Gy=F6z=F6 Garab

Characterization of a phototolerant mutant of Synechocystis sp. PCC 
6803 created by random mutagenesis of psbAII gene		477
	Munna Singh and Kimiyuki Satoh

Low dose UV-B induced modification of chromophore conformation and 
it's interaction with microenvironment in cyanobacterial 
phycobilisomes	486
	Indra Brata Jha, Bala K Kolli, Jerome F Sah, Gy=F6z=F6 Garab and 
Prasanna Mohanty
Shortening of life-time of the pair [P680+Pheo] contributes to 
general inhibitory effect of dinoseb on electron transfer in PS-II 
	Klimov Vyacheslav V, Allakhverdiev Suleyman I and 
	Zharmukhamedov Serguei K

Oxidative stress in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L) seedlings treated 
with acifluorfen 
Illora Gupta and Baishnab Charan Tripathy

Annual Index								506

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